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Who I Am

Hi, my name is Marco Lazzarini, I was born in Siracusa, a beautiful city in the south of Sicily (Italy) but now I'm living in Bergamo (near Milan). I am a 3d artist and I've more than 10 years experience in the CGI sector. I'm specialized in modeling, texturing and lighting. On this web site you can see some of my 3d works, traditional paintings and photos. My 3d images have been published in: Books Exposè 1, Exposè2, Elemental 1,Elemental 3, D'Artist Character Modeling 1, D'Artist Character Modeling 2, New Features Guide of 3dsmax6 Magazines Computer Gazette, Computer Grafica, 3Dworld. I hope you appreciate my art and if you have some job proposals for me please don't hesitate to contact me! ;)